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What is a Vegan

What is a Vegan?

I get this question a lot. I work with a bunch of meat eaters (is ‘bunch’ the collective term? Answers on a postcard…) some of whom have only recently got their head around what a vegetarian is. Just so you know, a vegetarian doesn’t eat meat. If it once had a heartbeat, veggies don’t eat […]

Why be Vegan?

Why be Vegan?

It seems that the majority of people, even steak guzzling ones, understand why someone might become a vegetarian. Although most people don’t like to think about it, they know deep down that meat comes from the killing of animals, and let’s face it, that’s not too nice. If forced to contemplate it, most people can […]

How to be Vegan.

How to be Vegan.

The great news is eating a vegan diet has never been easier. Vegan meals can be as easy and cheap to make as beans on toast or as expensive and complex as tomato terrine with basil infused sauce and poached asparagus. Like anything in life, it’s what you make it. I don’t view it as […]

Easy Vegan Recipes

Healthy, yummy, easy. Who could ask for more?

Miso, veggie, tofu and noodle soup

This soup is healthy, tasty, comes together in a short space of time and fills you right up. As the nights grow darker and often colder too, one’s mind naturally turns to comforting, warming soup. To be honest with you though, I make this at any time of year ’cause it’s so easy and yummy. […]

Eight melting moments

Melting Moments

This is, hands down, the most indulgent thing I make. I mean, the sugar content is pretty much off the scale. However, if you’re looking to have an incredibly rich, biscuit-y, crumbly, crunchy treat that oozes smooth sweet filling as you bite into it, this may just be the recipe for you. You don’t have […]

Just out of the oven...


An autumnal favourite, gingerbread is an easy, comforting treat to bake at this time of year and will make your kitchen smell fantastic. The best bit is that you probably have all the ingredients at home already. This recipe is enough for TWO standard loaf tins, but you can do it in one 20cmX20cm cake […]

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Vegan Meals Out

Lentil Cottage Pie is my favourite

Toby Carvery 2016

As I’ve said before, a carvery isn’t the obvious dining option for the vegan-about-town, however, it may surprise you to learn that there are more vegan options to choose from here than at many similar styled establishments.  If you wander into a typical pub you’ll be lucky to get a baked potato and beans. More […]

Vegan afternoon tea

Casa Angelina, Edinburgh

As you descend the few steps into Casa Angelina, the atmosphere is one of stepping back in time. This Edinburgh building has been around for a long, long time and it makes for a great atmosphere. The area at the front is for waiting on a table or buying or collecting cakes, and a tempting […]


Crussh – Kensington Olympia, London

Well, there I was, sweating away at the London Film and Comic Con (you weren’t expecting that were you?) when I realised I needed nourishment. I’d had Pizza Express on the previous day, which is fine and has at least one fully vegan pizza (it is so refreshing not to have to say ‘Can I […]

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We cheer for pigs, then eat them. Why?


  Pigs are more intelligent than dogs. Does that surprise you? The phrase ‘pig ignorant’ is a complete misnomer. I think that pigs are one of the world’s most underrated animals. People see them as meat and respond to any article on pig intelligence or worth with the, always hilarious, ‘Mmmm, bacon.’ I mean sure, […]

Foxes can be fascinating to watch

Foxes Rock

  Foxes have been in the news a bit recently and it seems everyone has an opinion. There are those who feel animosity towards foxes after some reports in the media that they have attacked children in urban areas. I find this to be an overreaction for reasons I’ll come to later, but it also […]

Sheep are friendly and gentle

Sheep. Fools or cool?

We recently celebrated Chinese New Year, with a few simple stir fries and such that even I couldn’t screw up, and welcomed in The Year of the Sheep. It got me thinking of how people view sheep. Would you be proud to be born in a year of the sheep, or a little embarrassed? Because […]

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What can vegans eat?

Vegan Town chocolate truffle eggs

Vegan Easter Eggs

If you go to the supermarket today you’ll see aisles full of Easter eggs and those Easter eggs will be choc (ha!) full of milk. Even many of the lesser-spotted dark chocolate mainstream eggs contain milk. Some don’t (for example the delectable Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Egg) but mostly you’ll be looking in […]

Cheap vegan ingredients

21 Vegan Questions Answered

Vegan Bingo – Common questions/comments that vegans get bombarded with, which, if you so desire, you can set out on a card and mark off every time it happens… Where do you get your protein from? Ok, let me answer a question with a question. Have you ever known anyone who’s had a protein deficiency? No? Not […]

Pringles Paprika Flavour

Why do they put milk in everything?

Picture the scene. A lovely friend of mine has invited me over for snacks and drinks and is in a food shop (which will remain nameless), trying to pick out crisps, crackers and choccies. After checking each product is vegetarian, a cursory glance at the allergens on the back reveals that almost every packet of […]

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Cruelty Free Living

This issue is a no-brainer for most people


I have a confession to make. Although I’ve been what acquaintances have often referred to as ‘one of those animal rights people’ for the thick end of thirty years, I have never attended a formal protest. Having staged small, individual protests at school (refusing to cook with meat in home economics, opting out of the […]

Go feed the birds instead

Ten Alternatives to Animal ‘Entertainment’

If you enjoy being out and about, enjoying nature, then good for you. If you’re interested in animals, then cool. If you like visiting local attractions while on holiday, marvellous. If you think that these things cannot be enjoyed without exploiting, humiliating, hurting, caging or killing animals, then I’m here to tell you that’s a […]

Bunny friendly cosmetics

Vegan household

As a vegan, every aspect of your life should be as compassionate as possible. Unfortunately, some vegans get the reputation for being shrill, obstinate creatures. In their defense, I would say it is pretty tough being vegan in a non-vegan world and easy to get cynical, but really, compassion towards all animals should include humans […]

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Vegan News

Veganism is a joy!

Glasgow Vegfest 2015

Happily, not even Storm Desmond seemed to dampen the spirits of the plucky attendees for the inaugural VegFest Scotland. December weather here is not known for its clemency, but the harshness of the wind and rain on the opening day, Saturday, was unusual even in these parts. Still, the stallholders, organisers, stewards, performers and volunteers […]

Vegan sporrans

Edinburgh Vegan Festival 2015

Edinburgh is a beautiful city. It hosts the biggest arts festival on the planet (The Edinburgh Fringe) as well as the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Comedy Festival, Jazz Festival, Film Festival, Storytelling Festival, Food Festival, The Edinburgh International Festival (or ‘the grown up festival’ as it’s known in my house) as well as many other […]


Bristol Vegfest 2015

Where on earth do I start with Bristol Vegfest?     Over the weekend of 23rd/24th May this year, over 14,000 people passed though the Amphitheatre venue in the Harbourside area of the city to experience, celebrate and discuss all aspects of the vegan lifestyle. The emphasis this year was on the environment, to coincide […]

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Book Reviews

If you can, eat berries every day

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger with Gene Stone

Many of you will be familiar with NutritionFacts.org but for those who aren’t, I’ll fill you in. It’s a fantastic resource for those who want to learn about the connection between food and health. Dr. Michael Greger and his team sift through all the papers published in English about nutrition, then present the salient points […]

A baboon caged in a zoo

Animal Rights by Mark Rowlands

I have been described, rather disparagingly, as ‘one of those animal rights people.’ The phrase ‘animal rights’ seems to have gone out of fashion, sometimes replaced with ‘animal welfare’ as though to see non-human animals as having rights at all is ridiculous -the strange, non-conformist philosophy of crazed left wing hippies. The theme of whether […]

Ruby chocolate muffins

Happy Herbivore Light and Lean by Lindsay S. Nixon

The Happy Herbivore website has long been a great source of recipes and the cookbook of the same name was a best seller. This book, as the title suggests, is geared towards those of us who’d like to lose a bit of weight. There are all kinds of recipes in here and one thing they […]